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Coil parameters

BILSTEIN GROUP products are supplied with a maximum specific weight of 20 kg/mm strip width. Orders can also be delivered in cut to length sheets. The exceptions here are special cold-rolling products and dimensions that must be divided during the cold-rolling process for technical reasons.

When supplied, coils can be positioned either horizontaly or vertically, according to customer preference. Horizontal coils with small dimensions are banded together to ensure they are packaged securely.

Coil dimensions:

• Inner diameter, standard: 500 mm
(Custom sizes: 300, 400, 600 mm)
• Outer diameter: 700 - 1,870 mm (strip width: 2-20kg/mm)

Cut-to-length dimensions:

• Thickness: 0.4 – 4.0 mm
• Length: 500 - 5,000 mm

Oscillate-wound coil dimensions:

Oscillate-wound coils are different and can also be supplied. This is a process where narrow strips are welded together end-to-end during the winding process, so that they form a single, large coil. The final coil weights of up to 5,000 kg, enable a major boost to productivity for customers when processing narrow steel strip.

Oscillated wound-coils are available in following dimensions:

• Thickness: 0.40 – 5.5 mm
• Width: 8 - 80 mm
• Inner diameter: 500 or 400 mm
• Outer diameter: 550 – 1,160 mm
• Coil width: 150 – 600 mm

Upon request, products with very thin dimensions can be supplied. As either oscillated-wound coils or single-layer, these are delivered with cardboard wrapping or a custom core, coils.
Spools, single-layer coils and cut-to-length sheets are strapped circumferentially and radially as standard (as specified by our internal guidelines). Alternatively, we are happy to meet customers' specific requirements.